Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Follow Up Update

In case anyone is checking here for an update on Benjamin, here it is! I'm sorry I haven't been posting to this page much. No news has been good news! Life is very busy with two little ones. At the end of January we had a High-Risk Infant follow up for Benjamin. Below is the letter that the doctor wrote. It was hard to read some of it and remember all that he went through in the beginning. But he has come so far and is doing great! I thought I would share it with you. We praise God daily for this great blessing He has placed in our lives. Benjamin is such a joyful and happy baby!

Yes, we have 2 teeth already! 
Here are some recent pictures of Cam's birthday at the beach in Half Moon Bay.

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  1. So glad for the update - this is wonderful news! I love that the doctor made a point to note in the write-up that "on exam, Benjamin is an extremely adorable infant". I don't think it takes an exam to figure that one out :)